Our Herd

Technology fuels change that some struggle to adapt to, but, with expert guidance, even the most turbulent waters can be navigated successfully. You may even find you have fun doing it!

Sensible Elephant have decades of experience working with web technologies, everything from coding and designing web sites to building and managing the servers that host them

We've provided technical services for companies of all sizes; from small businesses with a single employee to massive multi-national conglomerates, and also government organisations and departments

We were experts in optimising content for the web long before the term "SEO" had even been coined

We offer a broad range of additional services to get you noticed online - corporate identity, graphic design, photography, audio and video production, technical authoring and social media marketing strategy - ask us how we can use these skills to help you build your business

Flexibility is a quality all modern businesses must possess. We go out of our way to work with you in a way that suits your needs, just as you do with your customers.

If you’d like us to take on all aspects of your online presence, this is a service we are happy to offer. We can manage your web design, hosting, content creation, SEO, graphic design and social media strategy leaving you free to get on with running and growing your business.

If you’d prefer to be more involved, we’re happy to work with you, provide expert advice and offer our skills as needed.

The choice is yours.

Our Cyber Heritage

In the mid-nineties, when use of the World Wide Web first started to spread, we were there.

The experience and expertise we’ve gained over the last 25 years from building, managing and marketing some of the largest web sites on earth throughout Europe and Asia is second to none.

So whether you need a new website, need to change your existing website, or need to improve the volume and quality of internet traffic you receive, there’s really only one sensible solution…

Choose Sensible Elephant: we’ve got it covered.

Our Talent


Rufus has worked as a specialist in website creation and management, IT infrastructure, identity, security and hardware since 1998.  He has been a trouble-shooter for UK universities, installed huge computer systems for multinational businesses and been an IT subject matter expert for a global investment bank. He has been involved in web design since 1995.

Rufus loves playing music, snowboarding, diving, photography, videography and travel.  He owns a smallholding and has trained and competed as a strongman. He enjoys spending time in Dartmoor National Park and on the Southwest Coastal Path.

Rufus lives in Exeter with his wife and daughter.


Andrew draws on decades of experience in web design, technical authoring, search engines, graphic design and photography, working throughout Europe and Asia.

His technical skill and attention to detail combine with artistic flair to create crisp, modern design, bringing polish and refinement to your project.

Andrew enjoys the occasional adventure to remind him why life rocks: cycling solo from England to Spain, skydiving with the Danish National Skydiving Team, shark diving in Thailand… you know, stuff like that. For relaxation he’s into electronics, hiking, photography and food.

Andrew lives in Crowland with his partner and a mob of unruly cats.

Our Turf

We have two regional offices, from which we are happy to cover the entire UK.

It’s important to stay in touch, so we offer a range of communication options: telephone, email, chat, SMS, video conferencing and social media, making it easy for you to connect with us.

Peterborough Office

Sensible Elephant’s Head Office is situated in a stunning rural location near Crowland on the outskirts of Peterborough.

From here, we provide professional web design and SEO services in Peterborough, Crowland, Spalding, Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas and surrounding areas.

Exeter Office

Our Southwest office is in the beautiful city of Exeter, home to a thriving business community with everything here from the latest tech startups and professionals to those with ancient skills.

Sensible Elephant provides search engine optimisation and web design services in Exeter, Plymouth, Okehampton, Honiton, Sidmouth and throughout Devon.