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Professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) organises your website in the most elegant and efficient way for the benefit of both search engines and customers.

"The best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google."


"Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change."

Jill Whalen

Sensible Elephant strictly adheres to professional Search Engine design policies so your site can flourish naturally and never be penalised in SERPs.

"The objective is not to make your links appear natural. The objective is that your links are natural."

Matt Cutts


SEO That Works
For up to 5 landing pages
Initial Consultation
Landing Page Analysis
All Errors Corrected
Pages Fully Restructured
Keyword Research
Content Reauthored



Our Ultimate SEO Solution
As for Effective SEO, plus…
For up to 10 landing pages
Heat Map Analysis
Extreme Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Backlink Audit & Repair
Marketing Strategy



Repair Google Penalties
Recovery Consultation
Design & SEO Analysis
Backlink Audit & Repair
Fix Over-Optimisation
Content Reauthored
Google Liaison
Google Loves You Again!


Why you need Professional SEO

Consider why you have a website in the first place

A professional web site has three aims:

  1. To attract new customers, and encourage repeat business from existing customers.
  2. To maintain and extend customer interest in your company’s products and services.
  3. To convert customer interest into sales.

Without Effective SEO, these goals may simply be unattainable.

Advertising helps, but reaching the top spots in search engine results is the best way to drive customers to your website; if your web site doesn’t appear on the first search engine results page (SERP) for the most popular search terms, it may as well not exist.

Visitors vs. Customers

Having a huge number of page views is great! So why aren’t they all buying your goods and services?

Chances are, you have a high ‘bounce rate’: those visitors who arrive and then almost immediately leave. Website visitors are generally not very patient, so your website must give them what they want, and deliver it quickly.

Whilst your website’s visual appeal is important, poor structure and glitches are easily avoidable annoyances, and often dissuade website visitors from shopping with you as it reduces the appeal of using your website, and may well believe it reflects on your business as a whole. It’s surprisingly easy to lose a lot of potential customers this way.

Focused Customer Acquisition

Targeted Search Engine Optimisation from Sensible Elephant ensures that the visitors to your web site are properly focused and targeted.

If, for instance, your website sells sportswear, there’s no point in attracting a web visitor who wants to buy a ladder.  Your visitor leaves in a huff and in the future, when they want to buy sportswear, they will remember they were annoyed when visiting your website in the past and choose to shop elsewhere.

A properly optimised web site means a much higher customer conversion rate (the number of visitors to your website who become business customers), bringing your business the revenue it needs to thrive – with your website doing all the heavy lifting.


Sensible SEO builds a logical and appealing structure to your web site that holds the website visitor’s interest. Without these factors in place, your web site has its hands tied and can’t bring you the sales you need.

Effective SEO by Sensible Elephant can transform your tired old web site into a meaningful business tool.

SEO that works!

Search Engine Optimisation by Sensible Elephant just makes sense. Experts in web design and coding, technical authoring and search engine technologies, we have the skills and experience to bring your site comfortably into the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your chosen keyword phrases. It’s more important than ever to drive new business from the internet in an age when most shopping is done online.

Here’s what makes our Search Engine Optimisation so effective:

Ethical SEO

Effective SEO by Sensible Elephant is based on the strict adherence to professional guidelines from search engine operators like Google and Bing.

We never use unscrupulous methods that might achieve rapid, short-term successes, but will eventually be detrimental to your website ranking – perhaps even resulting in your site being completely removed from search engine results. Recovering from this can cost thousands.

Our ethical approach to Search Engine optimisation means that, with your site left in our hands, it’ll never happen to you.

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimisation should lead to the natural growth of your online presence.

Less reputable SEO companies frequently employ quick cheats, and whilst they may temporarily fool search engines, such methods are deemed undesirable and are actively policed by Google and Bing.

Our SEO methods are entirely organic, maintaining your website’s integrity and remaining within the search engines’ terms of service. You can be confident in your website’s future, and your potential customers get to enjoy a more rewarding website experience.

Internet Marketing

The reason you have a website is to attract customers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen without marketing your internet presence.

Your aim should be to present your products and services to a larger audience, whilst ensuring the attention received is from highly relevant visitors who are most likely to buy what you’re selling.

Targeted Online Marketing from Sensible Elephant employs Effective SEO and proven internet and social media marketing strategies, bringing your message to the right audience, driving real, measurable business through your website.

Effective SEO

Sensible Elephant's Effective SEO package is designed to give your website everything it needs to get noticed in search engines.

We believe Effective SEO will serve the needs of most small businesses, but if your business operates in a particularly competitive arena or you just feel you need a more comprehensive service, check out the additional benefits on offer in our Advanced SEO package.

Connect with us to discuss your needs.

Here’s what our Essential SEO package includes:

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation lasts about an hour.

This helps us to get a feel for your business and understand how to optimise your site most efficiently, in terms of identifying landing pages, keyword research, and authoring content.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Up to Five Landing Pages

Up to Five Landing Pages

A landing page is a meaningful entry point to your website: somewhere you would be happy for a customer to arrive when they first reach your site.

For some websites, this will always be the home page; for others, there may be multiple landing pages relating to different aspects of your business.

If you need to extend this service to more than five landing pages, we can do so for an additional £125 per landing page.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keywords are the individual words or phrases employed by search engine users to find the websites they’re interested in.

Of course your website comes first in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) if you search for your company by name, but what if you search by market sector or a specific product?

This is where keyword research comes in. We analyse the typical search terms used to find the products and services you sell and ensure the content on your landing pages is relevant to what people are searching for.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Errors & Omissions Corrected.

All Errors Corrected

We think it’s important to clear any roadblocks without delay so your website can get back to work for you.

Problems with content and appearance are fixed by us quickly and efficiently, subject to your approval, without any additional cost.

 Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Website Landing Page Analysis.

Landing Page Analysis

Your website’s landing pages are thoroughly inspected: not just a suite of professional web analytics tools, but also an expert human investigation of the page and the code behind it.

For instance:

  • Is the page properly structured and coded?
  • Is the content relevant, factual and correct?
  • Does the page contain all the information it should? Does the page contain too much information?
  • When you open the page, do you see the part of the page most attractive/beneficial to potential customers?
  • Is the content properly optimised for the most effective keyword phrases?
  • Is the page design effective: general look and feel, quality of graphics and images, simplicity of navigation, etc.

A full report is prepared for each landing page, along with recommendations as to how to proceed. We can do any work required, but some work will fall outside this package (e.g. if you decide to completely redesign your website).

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - Pages Properly Restructured

Pages Fully Restructured

It’s possible that, during Landing Page Analysis, we will discover problems with the page’s coding or structure.

We can usually resolve these issues, subject to your approval, without additional cost.

In rare cases it may be necessary to completely redesign your web page in order for you to get the best results; this is not covered by the Effective SEO package, and will incur an additional cost of £125 per page if you choose to have us make the changes we recommend, but this will be made clear in the report, and again, is entirely subject to your approval.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Effective SEO - All Content Re-authored as Required.

Content Reauthored

The words you use and the order in which you use them matters.

So do the images you choose, and the descriptions you give them.

What people see when they first open your page is also extremely important.

We check all the facts, make sure it’s relevant, and, subject to your approval, edit the content of your landing pages to ensure they are as attractive as possible to your potential customers, and they can find all the information they need quickly and easily.

Advanced SEO

Our Advanced SEO package is just the ticket for those websites that are larger, more complex, or operate in a market sector that attracts greater competition. This comprehensive solution, which includes continued monitoring over a six month period, will ensure that even in the most competitive circumstances, your site sits comfortably at the top end of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), giving your business a clear advantage over your competitors.

To give your business the boost it needs, connect with us.

In addition to the benefits of the Effective SEO package, the Advanced Search Engine Optimisation package offers:

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Extended Consultation

Extended Consultation

An extended consultation for the Advanced SEO package may last up to three hours.

We gather information about your business, website, market sector, and competitors so we can select the best keyword phrases for your business goals and optimise your website accordingly.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Up to Ten Pages

Up to Ten Pages

The Advanced SEO package covers the optimization of up to ten website landing pages.

A landing page is a point of entry to your website that a web user might find via a search engine or link.

As with the Effective SEO package, all errors and omissions in content and appearance that would affect your website’s position in SERPs are corrected by us, subject to your approval, without additional cost.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Heat Map Analysis

Heat Map Analysis

Generating a heat map allows us to analyse how users actually engage with each part of every page of your website.

This information helps with improving the design of your website, identifying successful SEO policies, and creating effective marketing strategies.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Advanced Keyword Research

Advanced Keyword Research

Keywords are the search terms most commonly used by your potential customers to find the website they’re interested in.

The Advanced SEO package includes a much deeper heuristic analysis of user behaviour to find the keywords that will work best to promote your website.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Thorough Competitor Analysis.

Thorough Competitor Analysis

If your website is in a highly competitive market sector, it helps to know how your competitors are achieving their successes.

We make a thorough analysis of the competition so we can position your website to take the advantage.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Backlink Audit & Repair

Backlink Audit & Repair

Backlinks are connections to your website from other locations on the internet. Whilst having more incoming links is generally a good thing, they need to come from reputable sources and they need to grow naturally and organically.

Inappropriate backlinks from questionable sources are the most common reason for a website to be excluded from Google search results. This would be an absolutely catastrophic blow to your business, one that’s both difficult and expensive to recover from.

We audit all incoming links and take all appropriate action where toxic unwanted backlinks are detected.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Advanced SEO - Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that the internet can really work for your business.

Step one is having a sensible website.

Step two is ensuring that it is effectively optimised for search engines.

Sometimes though, that’s not enough. Based on our analysis of your website, we will advise you on other steps you can take to get targeted traffic to your website, such as social media or pay-per-click campaigns.  We’ll provide you with a full report on where to go next to make your website as profitable as possible, and help you get your marketing campaign under way.

Recovery SEO

If your website has fallen sharply in the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the chances are that your site has been deliberately suppressed by Google.

This could be because a manual penalty was applied by Google staff, or because an algorithmic penalty was applied automatically. Either way, we can help.

At Sensible Elephant we’re experts at undoing excessive optimisation applied by less reputable SEO methods in the past, and our organic, natural approach to SEO and Content will recover from penalties to get you back in Google’s good graces.

Connect with us to get your online presence back on track.

Here’s what our Recovery SEO package includes:

 Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Recovery Consultation

Recovery Consultation

Your Recovery SEO consultation lasts about an hour.

This helps us to get a feel for your business, your website, and when and why you feel penalties have been incurred.

We will briefly discuss how we can help you to resolve the problems with your site.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Design and SEO Fault Analysis

Design & SEO Analysis

We make a thorough analysis of your website, checking the code line by line.

Then we create a detailed report of all the issues with your website and explain exactly why the penalties were applied, so not only can we take the appropriate action to resolve the problems, but you will know how to avoid such problems in the future.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Content Reauthored

Content Reauthored

It’s highly likely the content of your site will need to be modified to negate the Google penalties applied to your site.

However, as well as just fixing the problems, we can also advise on ways to improve the content to make it more relevant and appealing to website visitors, and to help get your site better noticed in SERPs.

This may involve changes to the written content, meta data, images, and even design. Subject to your approval, we can make all of the changes above as part of this package, (unless a substantial website redesign is required, in which case you should also consider our Full Site Refresh package).

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Backlink Audit & Repair

Backlink Audit & Repair

Backlinks are connections to your website from other locations on the internet.

Whilst a large number of incoming links shows that other sites value the content on your website, something Google rewards you for, these should grow naturally and organically, and unnatural, artificial links placed to deliberately try to fool search engines will undoubtedly be discovered and penalised with potentially disasterous effects.

We audit all incoming links and take all possible corrective action, removing or disavowing toxic backlinks that are causing your website to be suppressed.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Google Liaison

Google Liaison

Once all possible corrective action has been taken, we’ll contact Google in the proper format to confirm your website now conforms to their policy.

We’ll get your website back in Google’s good books, and if you follow our advice, you’ll stay there.

Sensible Elephant WebMasters: Recovery SEO - Over-Optimisation Resolved

Over-Optimisation Resolved

It’s not uncommon to find that websites have been over-optimised: keyword stuffing, improper formatting, link spamming, and so on.

These are attempts to fool search engines by forcing as many references to keywords in to a page as possible, sometimes hidden in such a way that web visitors can’t even see them, only search engines can. These are dirty tricks used by less scrupulous SEO companies used to work, but these days Google will easily find offenders and penalise them accordingly.

Sensible Elephant don’t play these games, and where we find evidence that these methods have been applied in the past, we remove them.

Whilst we do everything possible to make your site more relevant for search engines, it’s done with an organic approach, a natural look and feel that search engines will appreciate as much as site visitors.

This ethical approach means you won’t forever be having to re-edit your site when Google change their algorithms, because a site optimised by Sensible Elephant will always comply with search engine professional guidelines.